Scary snaps show another ‘Big Cat’ strolling around UK countryside in latest sighting

Residents got more than they bargained for when they went out for a wander, after spotting what they thought was a “Big Cat”.

The eight-second clip, shared via Reddit, appears to show a panther strolling across Penallta park in the Welsh town of Caerphilly.

Those who watched the video footage were left terrified as the huge beast prowled grassland.

Liam Cooper shot the video after he saw the animal while at work and quickly grabbed his phone to press record.

A colleague of his suggested it could be a big cat, and it’s pictured walking slowly before disappearing from view behind some nearby trees, the Daily Star reports.

The footage has had a number of viewers convinced that it was a real-life panther, with one commenting: “Pumas have been spotted in the UK for ages.

“We just have cameras on us at all times now.”

Some, however, were a little more sceptical, with one user writing: “Looks legit enough, but could just be perspective.”

A third, meanwhile, saw the funny side and joked: “If I saw this I would puma pants.”

As recently as this weekend, BBC naturalist Iolo Williams suggested that big cats could be roaming around and breeding in remote wooded areas of Wales – but if they are, he has not spotted one in all his travels.

He told the Tivyside Advertiser: “Just because I’ve never actually clapped eyes on one living in the wild doesn’t mean to say that they are definitely not around.

“Big cats are by nature incredibly shy and elusive and will go out of their way to remain concealed from sight.

“Having said that, over the years I must have tramped tens of thousands of miles across all parts of Wales and in all that time I’ve never come across any evidence that these things are actually out there.

“If there was indeed a population of big cats living and breeding in our countryside, you’d have thought we’d find far more sheep carcases lying about – and obvious prey such as pheasants would be massacred in their hundreds.”